Who We Are

Empowering Therapies is an ABA company located in Dixon, California. We are a team of professionals passionate about empowering individuals in the community. We thrive on empowerment because we believe in the value of our mission and vision of helping and educating to make a difference in society today using a cultural humility framework and integrity. The meaning of empowering others is to help make positive changes, motivate, encourage, and advocate for those who do not have a voice. Let our team of professionals be a part of your empowerment.





Early interventions occurs as early as 2-3years old. The formation of the child’s brain is still devoloping and the use of early intervention can be effective long-term. Early intervention not only give a better start, but the chance to develop to their full potential. It can address development of speech, communication, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, self-care, and more.



We at Empowering Therapies understand that sometimes having the clinical team in the home can be uncomfortable. We can train parents to lead the treatment with the supervision of a Case Supervisor and Clinical Manager. With the parent-led session not only helps with comfortability, but also generalizing the skill with their child.



A formal assessment is conducted to assess the skills of your child. The clinical team will observe, and used various assessment tools to obtain information that will be used to develop the treatment plan. We use evidence-based instruments that are comprehensive to ABA.



Empowering Therapies collaborates with other discipline to optimize outcome from school and home. Most ABA therapies takes place at the home. When collaborating with other providers such as teachers, speech therapist, or occupational therapist, we ensure that we are doing the best to provide the individual with the continutiy of care across all environments.





Social skills is one of the common areas that is used in ABA. It is important for your child to have social skills as it is a way to communicate, buying food, or making friends. In this context, it refers to how to interact in an environment with engaging with others.



At Empowering Therapies, we can assist families with school services such as the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), therapy sessions, etc. However, it depends on the funding source that allows our clinical team to provide services during school hours.